C&C’s online PD course for teachers is free and available on demand.  In addition:


Access the PD Course via Canvas 
(Note: does not require that your school district use Canvas.)

Canvas Network

Our free professional development course is hosted on Canvas, where educators can earn a badge. It is designed to give educators greater familiarity with the copyright concepts covered in our C&C curriculum. The self-paced course should take about 2-3 hours in total to complete. It consists of a short introductory video plus five main video modules:

  1. Copyright Basics – an overview of copyright’s purpose, its protections, and its limitations
  2. Fair Use Basics – a deeper look at a key limitation which allows some uses/copying without permission
  3. Acquiring and Sharing Copyrighted Works Legally and Ethically – lawful media sources versus infringing ones, how plagiarism fits in, and more
  4. Student Activity – an exercise teachers can use in class
  5. Frequently Asked Questions – what educators taking the course asked

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